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Your dog and their feet

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Not every dog will let you trim their nails. The head of security 'Khy' is a terror. He hates his feet being touched, and at 70kg he can say what he wants, when he wants. It is standard practice that he has to be sedated or put under and then we can only take so much due to the kwik or blood line being long in the nail. So he consistently has trouble with long nails. With this in mind, I start to trim the French Bulldogs from puppies, I never want this problem again nor do I want to pass it on to anyone else. I did not trim Khy's nails enough when he was young, as they wore down wonderfully but since he has aged and become less mobile he has developed a problem with his nails not being worn down enough.

So the Frenchies get their nails trimmed fortnightly, bath day is popular. For the puppies I handle their feet as much as possible and any resistance is met with good grace and more attention.

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