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French Bulldogs are Companions

8 weeks old and cute as a button, these little guys are one in a million when it comes to cuteness and endearing behaviours but they don't stay puppies forever and they develop very deep and loving attachments to their human. These feeling must be acknowledged.

To sum it up in one sentence is hard, but if I had to say, it would be that

'they are so much more than your pet dog'.

As with all animals immersed in your home they are part of your family, however a french bulldog is so very much more. They need to be involved in almost everything you do and I mean everything.

Australia is well behind places like the United States with their tolerance of pets in public places. They allow dogs into shops/restaurants and bars. Here in Australia we are getting there, but it is slow and sometimes awkward, so daily outings are not alway possible in your day to day routine but you should always make a special effort to involve them wherever you can.

Look for eating/coffee venues that are dog friendly, Bunnings is always a fun trip with your Frenchie. There are off leash park to visit. However I personally find off leash parks too dangerous for my likings, so I am not an advocate of them and whilst mine may not attack there is always some sort of drama that I would just rather not deal with and it also a known breeding pit for germs.

Family visits are fun, lots of Air B&Bs/Holiday accomodations allow pets now and there is nothing better than a trip to the beach. Frenchies love the beach but remember no every Frenchie can swim in fact there are more that can not than can.

Frenchies love children but should as with all dogs be supervised with them, accidents happen and the last thing you need it to contribute to the statistics. My Frenchies are never allowed access to children without supervision.

Lots of Frenchies will take your grumbling at them very very personally and could become depressed and sad so remember if your going to get cross keep it low key and short lived so to speak as they are heart broken once you chastise them. They have also been known to sulk and ignore you so be careful or you maybe the one getting the correction.

Last but not least you know when you own a Frenchie you are never going to the toilet alone, sleeping in bed alone or watching TV with snacks alone, not ever ever again.

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