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Am I ready for a French Bulldog

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

As a breeder it is vital to make sure the correct family is selected for the French Bulldog puppy. The French Bulldog is a companion dog and does not do well on their own. It is important for the puppy to have company, direction and most importantly love. They are like children they get lonely, sad, and naughty. They can be happy, spiteful and defiant. However the love that they give is second to none. I don't remember a morning where I have woken without a loving little squishy face romping all over me. (That's before I get out of bed).

If you walk the path of the French Bulldog you will be a person who has spare time, dedication, possibly the chance to take you pal to work. I try always to choose families that suit the puppy. If the puppy is robust and loud I look for a family with children. If the puppy is quiet but cheeky I look for a younger couple, who will possibly have children. If the puppy is quiet, I try for a set of DINKS or an older couple. Quiet puppies like Sundays, Lattes and steak. Not necessarily in that order.

New owners always have a huge list of what they think the puppy will need. To be honest, the puppy needs love, support and guidance, a bed, clean water a safe space and good quality food. Most of which will cost you nothing but time and common sense.

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