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When only the best will do.



French Bulldogs are our life.

Bibbyboo is a professional stud. Our love of French Bulldogs has taken us to a whole new level. Developing a breeding program to enable stronger, healthy dogs. All litters are raised inside our home & are part of our family. Breeding this way ensures your puppy will be socialised and well on the way to toilet training. We are registered breeders, in a registered business, who will provide a contract of sale, vet checked puppies and follow up support for the life of the puppy. We want you and your puppy to have the best experience possible.
MDBA 18167  BIN0006941843969


It has been a long road to go from dog fancier to breeder and an even harder road to learn all the little intricacies that denote a good breeder, but here we are, and we have never been happier.
In the beginning we never considered breeding our beautiful Frenchie’s but with the realisation that so many of our friends fell in love with ours, we wanted to share that love, so I gave up my career and dedicated myself full time to a breed that I adore.
There was so much to think about, what would we bring to the table? what could we do to better the breed?
We started out by sourcing genetically sound breeding girls, perfect DNA. We then carefully selected the sires who would also be genetically sound and have perfect DNA. We developed friendships and partnerships with some of Australia’s best breeders and in doing so opened a wealth of knowledge from professionals who also shared the love of the breed. 
We have agreed to never compromise our principles, we decided in the beginning to do this to the best of our ability and for the better of the breed. 
So here we are with a house full of Frenchie’s and yes they all live inside, the litters are raised in our home and they are loved like our children. Getting into bed with three Frenchie’s already snoring their little hearts out is sometimes a little tricky but it can be done.
I will leave you with this thought when you own a Frenchie you are never alone. They are the perfect companion and love you completely.

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